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Expert in glamping, our Tents and equipment are carfully selected, designed and made tough for professionals uses.

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What makes Our Tents Apart ?

Made for commercial use, we attach a great importance to the quality of our equipment and carefully select material and suppliers which meet the highest international standards and regulations.

We can offer low prices for such quality by working directly with our top factories partners and collaborate in designing as solutions makers. We are so confident with our quality that we offer 1 year warranty on all our canvas tents and up 3 and 5 years on Geolodges and Frame models.

Our Clients’ satisfaction makes us reputable.

1 to 5 years warranty

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How Glamping Help to Preserve the Environment?

Glamping is not only the tent but the experiences and  values.

Being Glamper is first of all to respect the nature and the environment and value a certain way to travel far from mass tourism.

We believe that everywhere Glamping tents can be installed, it is a step in protecting beauty and integrity of the nature from concrete and buidings.

Through designing quality tents and Glamp-resorts, we promote a respectful vision of wellness, resourcing, happiness and, ultimately, to develop a tolerant relationship between people and nature.

"Escape urban stress by exploring the serene wilderness of a forest. Discover its beauty, find inspiration, and gain clarity. Feel humbled by nature and immerse yourself in its calmness."
John Muir

Want to Earn Incomes ?
Become a Glampstay Host, the AirBnB of Glamping.

Now you have your tents, start to receive bookings from our exclusive platform.

From the booking system, to the reservation management  and secured payments, is your profits platform.

You have a land, a yard, a rooftop, it’s easy to install one or few Glampstay Tents to receive guests and generate regular incomes.